Can we eat at Creekside during Shelter in Place: No

Are the majority of your questions about dining at Creekside a wash right now?


Does your dough have eggs in it?

No. Never. No dairy either.

Does your pesto have nuts in it? 


Is your gluten free crust vegan?

Yes. 100%. Our award winning regular crust is naturally vegan. Our Gluten free crust is a different recipe, but also Vegan.  We have vegan cheese also available. 

Do you take reservations?

No; not in our main room, however, we do book the back "Annex" room for private parties and meetings. Our main room is first-come, first seated. If we are blessed enough to have a wait, it won't be long. 

Can we fit 30 in your back Annex room for a party?
No, legal capacity is 12.  We work to appropriately and safely accommodate special groups. It's a great room for groups up to 12.

What is the charge for the backroom Annex?

No charge. Check it, book it, party on.

Can my band play at Creekside?

No. We are not a live music venue and the room is too "acoustically bright" for bands and solo musicians. No live music in Creekside.

Do you have outdoor seating?

No.  The back of our building is a parking lot. The front has too much of a pitch for seating.

Do you have beer flights?

Yes. We love beer flights; We offer 3, 5, 7 and 11 beer flights.

Can I fill my growler up?

No. Only Breweries or brewery-owned exclusive Taprooms can fill growlers providing they are licensed for off-premise sales. Creekside is not a brewery, but we play one on TV.

My brother brews beer in his garage, can we put it on tap at Creekside?


Do you deliver?

Delivery is available through third party services including UberEats, DoorDash and GrubHub. Creekside ourselves...we don't have a delivery team. We are happy to take your Creekside To Go pick-up orders every day from 11 AM to closing. Our delivery partners typically have fewer items on their menu as several of our items don't travel well. 

What time to you open?

11:00 AM in the morning. Every day.

What days are you closed?

We are open Every Day.

Yep. 365. 366 on leap years.

At 11:00 AM, every day?

Why is your Happy Hour only one hour long?

Because if it was less, it wouldn't be an hour, and if it was more, then it would be plural. While we're happy all the time, we're even more happier at 4:00 PM every day with menu items, craft beer and wine by the glass all $2.00 off from 4 to 5 pm. Yes, Every Day. Including weekends. Yes. 

Why do you have bike locks outside?

So people can lock their bikes.  Keys are available at the bar. We have 30 locks with 6' cables.

Hey, you know what you should do???


Did you really build this place yourself?

How long did it take?
16 months.

Where do you store all  your beer?

Our state-of-the art beer delivery system pumps 40 products 50 feet (from our 20,000 pint, 28 degree storage cooler) through Glycol chilled trunk lines pushed by CO2 and Nitrogen. Behind the scenes, large tanks of 800 PSI of liquid CO2 is converted to vapor CO2 while Creekside's "GreenAir" system extracts 100% pure Nitrogen out of the ambient air (like the CO2 "scrubbers" in Apollo 13...but we have better rockets), so basically we're making our own inert beer gas here on site and reducing our carbon footprint. We then use specific blends of CO2 to Nitrogen combination for each beer, each set at the optimum gas pressure, insuring every beer, wine and chilled beverage has the four factors in perfect sync to ultimately pour the perfect brewery-fresh pint without any waste or foam: Temperature, Pressure, Gas Blend and Quality Product. In short, we serve beer (basically water and some hop, malt and grain stuff) and it's really pretty cool and we spent a lot of money and custom design to bring you Marin's best craft beer experience on tap. Beauty, eh. 

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