OFF THE PIZZA PATH: Starters, Sharables & Small Plates

Creekside Stuffed Mushroom…14
A Portobello mushroom, generously filled with creamy Parmesan potatoes, then roasted in our big oven ‘till golden brown. Gluten Free too! Served with crisp green salad and sour cream. A great shared appetizer or a nice meal on its own.

“The”  Burrata …14
Fresh and creamy burrata cheese served with sweet tomatoes, mildly spicy Creminelli uncured salami, Castelvetrano olives, baby lettuces, micro greens, basil and our Zinfandel vinaigrette ...  sourdough bread. Great for sharing.

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes …8
Prepared with fresh herbs, extra virgin olive oil, and savory spices.Served with a Greek yogurt chipotle dipping sauce

OUR MEATBALLS, OUR SAUCE. Enough said ! …(3)  |   $10


Big Stout Beef... 14
Choice rare roast beef sliced thin, piled high on a toasty sourdough roll. Served with a cup of our Absolution Holy CA-Cow Nitro Stout dipping sauce and a small Creekside Toss Salad. Horseradish available upon request.

Deconstructed Meatball Sandwich…12
Served with a toasty sourdough roll, shaved Parmesan cheese and a spoon.

The Salami…12
Molinari Dry Italian Salami, with red onion, tomato, fresh mozzarella and olive oil on a toasty sourdough roll.

 Lemon Pesto Grilled Chicken Breast…13                                                                      
Marinated chicken breast, grilled and sliced, served on a toasty sourdough roll with Our Pesto Spread, baby lettuces and sliced tomato.

The Ultimate Veggie…11
European style whole wheat piled high with avocado, micro greens, sweet red onion, fresh cucumber, roasted red bell, creamy smoked Gouda cheese, baby lettuces and a light, bright vinaigrette.

Gluten Free & Vegan 12” Pizza Crust… $4​​​

No charge for Creekside's VEGAN CHEESE

There are no nuts in any of Creekside's Pesto


Flood Zone Brownie…10
Our rich Ghirardelli Chocolate brownie, Silbermann’s famous vanilla ice cream with a river of chocolate and caramel running through it.

Lemon Ice…6
A delicious cup of Silbermann’s handmade best, with Flour Craft Bakery gluten free ginger molasses cookie.

Coffee Crunch...6

Handmade coffee ice cream mixed with pieces of chocolate coated toffy candy.


Soda Fountain - 16 oz    |  $2
Coca-Cola. Diet Coke, Sprite, Fuse Iced Tea, Barq’s Root Beer, Lemonade

Bottles, Boxes & Cans  |    $ AQ

Apple juice, sparkling apple juice, coconut water, Marin Kombucha, House Kombucha

Sparking water, Tartly fruit sparkling waters, Alta Palla fruit sparkling waters

Yerba Mate
RaceFuelz electrolyte hydration

Mexican Coke, Ginger beer (n/a)

Lowfat milk, lowfat chocolate milk​​

 Sandwiches come with kettle chips, except the meatball. 

Sonoma Brinery pickle included with sandwiches on request.


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Creekside’s Own Meat Sauce...13
Creekside home style meat sauce over spaghetti. Rich and hearty with lean beef, red wine, herbs and topped with shaved Parmesan

Tossed with tender cavatappi.

Pasta with Marinara…9
... spaghetti or cavatappi.

Kid’s Pasta...8  
Cavatappi with butter and Parmesan cheese.

Creekside’s Crushing Mac and Cheese…10
Four Cheeses, creamy and rich, with a crunchy topping,  oven-baked and served in a cast-iron dish.
It comes "Blushing" too (with Jalapenos upon request)

Homemade Three Bean Chili… 10
Prepared with lean Angus beef. Served with sharp cheddar cheese, red onion, and sour cream, if you like; warm and satisfying. Pairs with most beers!


The Perfect Storm: Pepperoni, sausage, black olives, artichoke hearts and green onions…23 
The Heart of Marin: Pesto / Sopraffina sauce, mozzarella, artichoke hearts, red onion sweet tomatoes and Kalamata olives…22
The Poppy: Smoked gouda, Castelvetrano olives, sweet tomatoes, green onions, and lemon zest…18   
The Biaggio: Sausage, balsamic onions, basil oil drizzle…18
Bald Hill: A white pizza with Sopraffina, balsamic onions, peppadews, arugula and a drizzle of honey… 22
Geronimo: Topped with baby lettuces, burrata, sweet cherry tomatoes, Applewood smoked bacon, lemon, basil oil, and black salt (served only in-house; no take out)…25
November Rain: An earthy blend of Trumpet, Shiitake and Hen of the Woods, and Portobella mushrooms, sautéed with shallots… 16


Plain Cheese Pizza: Creeksdide's red tomato sauce and cheese...13
Classic Pepperoni: Red sauce, cheese and Creekside's petite pepperoni ...16
Meat Lover: Pepperoni, meatballs, salami and sausage…20
The Sleeping Lady: (Margherita) Fresh mozzarella, sweet tomatoes, olive oil, smoked salt, fresh basil ...18  (add prosciutto $5)
Stinson Sunset: Fresh pineapple, Canadian bacon, and sweet bell pepper medley…22


CREEKSIDE 12" PIZZA (Cheese & Sauce) .... 13.00
Choose  and Add Your Individual Toppings:
Meats: Pepperoni, sausage, salami, Canadian bacon, meatballs, Applewood smoked bacon…3 (per item) 
Mushroom Medley: A beautiful mix of Trumpet, White and Hen-of-the-Woods mushrooms sautéed with shallots ...3
Veggies:  Green onions, red onions, olives, bell peppers, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, jalapeno…2 (per item)

Special Add-ons:


Castelvetrano or Kalamata olives...3
Balsamic Onions…2

Premium Add-ons:

Burrata cheese…5

From the Depths: We don’t encourage it, but we do have anchovies. ..$3

Creekside is proud to serve organic

lettuces from County Line Harvest, 

delivered Fresh every day to Creekside.


Creekside Toss… Single    8  |  Family Style  19
Crisp lettuces from County Line, carrot, red onion, tomato, garbanzo beans, tossed with our country style vinaigrette.

Yagottahava Caesar…11
Petite Romaine heart, house-made croutons, our dressing and shaved Parmesan cheese.

Add grilled chicken breast ...5

Citrus Shrimp Salad…15
Refreshing and bright. Served on a bed of our crisp greens with avocado and cilantro.

Sweet Heart Salad …14
Our crisp lettuces, avocado, seasonal berries, cucumber, red onion, goat cheese, and toasted almonds. Finished with our house-made blackberry vinaigrette.

Bacon, Egg & Potato Salad…15                                                                                    
Sweet baby lettuces, Willie Bird turkey bacon, free range hard-boiled egg, sweet tomato, Kalamata olives and roasted fingerling potatoes. With a Greek yogurt blue cheese dressing. Everything you need.



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