Your downtown destination in the heart of marin

BEER HERE! With 40 tap handles, over 30 craft beers from more than 25 unique craft breweries, plus 5 wines on tap,, Creekside's iconic copper draft system is nothing short of impressive, offering guests a unique opportunity to explore a thoughtful range of styles and flavors. Once beyond the wow-factor, you'll find Pilsners to Porters, Sours to Stouts, Organic to Gluten Free, Experience Marin's best craft beer event every day: Happy Hour with all craft beers at $4.00. Enjoy resident featured beers, seasonal, rotational, experimental one-offs, limited releases and select beers to pair with Creekside's awesome food.

GEEK OUT: Creekside's state-of-the art beer delivery system pumps 40 products 50 feet (from our 20,000 pint, 28 degree storage cooler) through Glycol chilled trunk lines pushed by CO2 and Nitrogen. Behind the scenes, large tanks of 800 PSI of liquid CO2 is converted to vapor CO2 while Creekside's "GreenAir" system extracts 100% pure Nitrogen out of the ambient air (like the CO2 "scrubbers" in Apollo 13...but we have better rockets), so basically we're making our own inert beer gas here on site and reducing our carbon footprint. We then use specific blends of CO2 to Nitrogen combination for each beer, each set at the optimum gas pressure, insuring every beer, wine and chilled beverage has the four factors in perfect sync to ultimately pour the perfect brewery-fresh pint without any waste or foam: Temperature, Pressure, Gas Blend and Quality Product. In short, we serve beer (basically water and some hop, malt and grain stuff) and it's really pretty cool and we spent a lot of money and custom design to bring you Marin's best craft beer experience on tap. Beauty, eh. 

WINES: With a passion for wine, Creekside features local wines from outstanding winemakers.  Our "By The Glass" wines were selected specifically to stand alone as well as compliment the entire Creekside menu design. Our house "Community Red Blend" is amazing, and every wine has a story and a reason to be here at Creekside Pizza & Wine Cellar.