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People want to know what’s up with “The Park” next to Creekside. Here’s The Real Deal: In our humble town of San Anselmo lurks a menace to society; “Bridge Building #2.” This is the man made choke point that clogs the Corte Madera Creek which winds it’s way from Fairfax, through San Anselmo, Ross, to Corte Madera and into the bay, which flows into the Pacific Ocean on this tiny third planet from the sun in the western-arm spiral of our tiny galaxy. The Creek, from where we get our name…Creekside (which we are actually Creek Over, but that just isn’t a great name for a restaurant), we are built on a bridge and the creek flows directly UNDER our building. FEMA, The Army Corps of Engineers, State of California, MMWD Disaster Mitigation ACT and The County of Marin, through decades of exhaustive hydrology studies and environmental impact reports conclusively identified the adjacent “bridge” (currently known as Creekside Commons and former home to L’appart Resto and other businesses, aka Bridge 2). It is basically a 50% concrete water-flow obstruction that when the rains dump plus tidal impact, our town floods. The first building that floods, ground zero if you will, is Creekside Pizza & Taproom, where the water actually floods us from under the building, through the bridge and floors long before the streets flood. In the years of LoCoco’s, water was over 3 feet high in the restaurant. We’ve dodged the bullet a few times in our near-five year here. The exciting new vision for a revitalized and better Creekside Commons and Creek Park is in the works and should be welcomed. Sure, the demolition of the insane amounts of concrete that comprise the blockade will undoubtedly destroy our operations for weeks on end,

The existing current “solution” is nice to have but it is a Band Aid on cancer. The new vision is fantastic. Yes, ultimately Creekside and our community benefit from either “leaving it” or “re-imagining it”…but it’s going to go. Let’s ask this question: Are global storms getting better or worse? Are weather patterns more severe and unpredictable? Is there a remote possibility the creek could flood again? Ever? DO YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE?

In the meantime, as they say, any press is good press.

Thanks for watching.