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HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Congratulations to our friends at Absolution Brewing Company on their 9 YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Marin locals Nigel and Jane Heath found a hole in the market in Southern California and opened Absolution in Torrance in June 2014. their craft brewery was one of the first “south bay” breweries, a region now peppered with breweries to serve LA County. Creekside has been proud to pour Absolution since our very first days as well, and our partnership with them has been on of our most rewarding relationships.

To celebrate, get on a plane to LAX and get an UBER to ABC this weekend. Food, music, and endless beer. If you live in LA, it’s easier to get there, right off the 405, which is the name of their award winning IPA. If you can’t make the trip, then slip on in to Creekside where we have three of their craft beers on tap (including on tap during Happy Hour for $4 bucks a pint) plus we have three unique of Absolution 4-Packs to take home from our Grab & Go cooler. That’s three on tap, three in cans, and three times three is nine. Happy Birthday Absolution!

If you can’t do any of that, then visit Absolution’s online store and get some shipped to you today including their special 9th Anniversary VIP Bundle. CLICK HERE and Visit the SHOP link at