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Chair Amy Rankin-Williams, Fr. Francis Matumba, Pat Townsley

Please join us this Wednesday, October 11th from 5-9 pm for an informative and meaningful “Give Back” night supporting the Agape Farm in Malawi Africa. In addition to our Dine & Donate night, there will also be a raffle, networking, your usual dining and takeout, with a portion of all Creekside proceeds going to Agape Farm, but we also have a special visitor from Malawi returning to Creekside, Father Francis Matumba.

Here in San Anselmo to bring awareness of Agape, meet Fr. Francis, founder of Agape Farm live at Creekside, speaking about the amazing work this organization is doing to educate children, empower young women, and bring life-saving food and education to the villages in rural Malawi. Come to see the amazing power of this program, the community, the purpose and the need. Spreading our reach and impact across the world, Creekside is a supporter and evangelist for the Agape Farms program: Education, Empowerment, Sustainable Farming, Humanity.
Drop in, dine, participate in the raffle, learn about an amazing outreach program. Thank you for joining us this Wednesday. All dine in, online orders, and takeout on Weds October 11th go towards this fundraiser. Fr. Francis will do a brief live presentation at 6 and 8pm, and be at Creekside all evening.
For more info on Agape Farm, please visit
Video overview with Francis Matumba: CLICK HERE