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Dateline January 11, 2024, and Welcome to the Lamest Show On Earth: The (original) post below is now even more ‘much ado about nothing’ than ever before. On the morning of the highly anticipated County of Marin presentation for the future of Building Bridge 2 (BB2), The County sent a press release citing the project is (indefinitely) delayed, noting FEMA has pulled the plug. Over 50 MILLION of your taxpayer money has gone into the surveys and reports around this project, countless hours, and mega millions more to spend in the actual R&R of the structure (which is THE choke-point that creates flooding in San Anselmo). The County, owners of the property in question, were expecting multi-millions in funding from FEMA, which now won’t happen. There was a Federal funding deadline which will now not be met. While is “appears” that The Feds have roadblocked the project, it actually appears that the hydrology and measuring methodologies used by the County may have been… erroneous. This, in the data world, is known as GIGO: Garbage In, Garbage Out. If the data provided doesn’t follow protocol or is faulty, FEMA would have no choice but to stop, delay, review, and verify, known as CYA. In the meantime, because the County has closed the access to the structure due to their other GIGO studies, it cannot be “re-opened” to the public due to their so-called “Structural” issues. Local activists recommend changing the bridge’s designation from BB2 to WTF…appropriate, as compound words like shitshow, trainwreck, and acronym FUBAR are not strong enough modifiers to express the frustration and continued blight to our Town. To access the County’s press release dated 1/11/2024: CLICK HERE

“Nice work everyone. Really sharp…” – Ron Burgundy 

Below is the (still relevant data) post Prior to the Feds coming in like they did in Die Hard at the Nakatomi Tower:

THE FUTURE OF SAN ANSELMO is taking shape and moving forward with or WITHOUT you: On Thursday, a special presentation to the public will outline the DEMOLITION of the Bridge next to Creekside known as Building Bridge #2, aka BB2, aka Creekside Commons, or Creek Park Plaza et al. BB2 is COUNTY of MARIN property (not Town property), and there have been years of and millions (of your taxpayer dollars) spent on studies, reports, and red herring on this hot topic. Thursday’s open house presented by the Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District will provide a face-to-face update on the planned San Anselmo BB2 Creek Bridge removal. This PUBLIC meeting will take place on Thursday January 11, 2024, at 6:30 p.m. at the San Anselmo Town Council Chambers, located at 525 San Anselmo Avenue. At the open house, attendees (you) can visit different presentation stations to learn more about the timeline of the BB2 project, specific project aspects, ask any questions and share concerns. Let the games begin. Mark Your Calendar: 01/11/2024 at Town Hall.

Reminder: Creekside Happy Hour is from 4pm to 5pm, so anyone planning to speak at this Thursday’s meet-up at Town Hall may consider coming down and hydrating. Public speaking is much funnier and passionate after a few pints. Creekside will be open until 9pm for your pre and post bridge demolition meeting dining. 

Creekside Pizza & Taproom is DIRECTLY impacted by this creek and project, in fact we are the FIRST building to flood during storm conditions: BB2 restricts 50% of the water flow from the creek that is literally under Creekside, so we’re more “Creekover” or.. “Creekunder” than Creekside, but that would be a dumb name for a restaurant. The water backs up at BB2 and floods Creekside from underneath the building. My bad for opening a restaurant over a creek, in earthquake county, in a firestorm region. Anyway, we’ve been pretty vocal about the project, clearly understanding the arguments for and against removal of BB2. Yes, it will be a HUGE disruption to our business, but the end result will be something that future generations will enjoy, especially if they construct the new bridge we are recommending versus a truss bridge… I digress .. the JANUARY 11th upcoming meeting and presentation will help everyone understand the County’s planned SUMMER 2024 DEMOLITION of BB2. Only FEMA or a Federal Injunction could stop it now.

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“…and the planet Earth was destroyed to make way for a new hyperspace bypass” – Douglas Adams

From the County of Marin Website:

A key part of the project is the removal of the concrete bridge platform, known as Building Bridge 2 (BB2). BB2 is considered a historical obstruction of creek water flow, and its removal will lower the Base Flood Elevation to approximately 480 homes and reduce the amount of water leaving the creek channel that typically flows through San Anselmo Avenue causing damage to downtown commercial buildings. The project has generated considerable discussion in the Towns of San Anselmo and Ross, and the District has been working diligently with its regional partners and affected property owners to make the flood control improvements in a strategic and proven manner. Final analyses, review, and permitting for BB2 removal is currently underway.

Purpose and need
  • Building Bridge 2 (BB2) is a major creek obstruction and contributes to flooding.
  • 480 parcels will see a flood risk reduction benefit once it is removed.
  • Removal of BB2 will facilitate construction of San Anselmo’s Creekside Park.
  • The work will enhance creek channel capacity and improve fish habitat.
  • Mitigation measures will be implemented for affected parcels in conformance with FEMA, local Floodplain Ordinance and the Environmental Impact Report.
Timeline and status
  • Environmental Impact Report (EIR) Approved 2018
  • EIR Addendum  #1 completed Spring 2023 (FDS changes addressed)
  • EIR Addendum #2 completed late 2023* (BB2 changes addressed)
  • Meet with downstream property owners to discuss the findings of creek modeling and property surveys in December 2023
  • Provide a project update at a community meeting in San Anselmo in January 2024
  • Finalize plans, permits and bid package and select contractor in early 2024
  • Remove Building Bridge 2 and conduct of creek improvements in the summer 2024

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) under CEQA was approved in 2018. An addendum is being finalized in late 2023 and is available for public comment. This EIR addendum #2 will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on January 23, 2024. The final design, right-of-way and permitting phase is currently underway and is slated to be completed in the winter of 2023/24. Construction is slated to commence in 2024.

  • CLICK HERE to access County Website and aforementioned reports and links.