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Good Morning, Good Morning, Good Morning!

It was 20 years ago today, Sgt. Pepper taught the band to cook. They’ve been going in and out of the oven, but they’re guaranteed to raise a smile. So may I introduce to you, the pie you’ve wanted all these years; Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza. – Paul McCartney / John Lennon

In collaboration with the Town of San Anselmo Arts Commission and the Beatles In The Park fundraiser concert, Creekside Pizza & Taproom introduces July’s Pizza of the Month, Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza. 10% of every Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza will be donated by Creekside to the SA Arts Commission through the month of July. So, what is on this Beatles Tribute Pizza?

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza is topped with 100% Plant-based Pepperoni (or sub (yellow sub) with our petite regular pepperoni), artichoke hearts, and black olives. It’s a simple three topping pizza, a tribute to the Fab-Four, a nod to the album of the same name, and less of a nod to the early 80’s version of the movie staring The Bee Gees and Peter Frampton, where the only saving grace was Steve Martin as Dr. Maxwell.

Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza is a vegetarian pizza at heart, but can be a meat pizza. We wanted to feature our partnership with Happy Little Plants and their 100% vegan plant-forward pepperoni, which, is really hard to believe it’s not real meat. Well done Happy Little Plants, in creating an earth-forward solution to quality substitution alternative foods. 

So, all month long, support the San Anselmo Arts Commission by ordering your Sgt. Pepperoni’s Artichoke Hearts Club Pizza. Other merchants in San Anselmo will also be looking to donate a portion of their sales to the Arts Commission…and don’t forget to get your Beatles In The Park tickets now. This event sells out Every Year and is a rockin good time down memory lane, or Abbey Road, or the long and winding road, or Live on the Avenue. CLCK HERE TO PURCHASE CONCERT TICKETS

10% of every SPAHP will go to the SA Arts Commission, a 501c3 non-profit entity providing town beautification, art projects, music programs, and advocates for inclusive and artistic expression, here in the Heart of Marin.