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All eyes on Tokyo! From Opening Ceremonies to Closing, Creekside will be showing 2021 Olympic coverage live and time-delay playback on our screens. “Bigger” USA events will be broadcast with Creekside Surround-sound and closed captioned on our 70″ 4K screen. We will also be showing a righteous collection of classic Godzilla monster movies featuring Mothra, Rodan, Ghidorah, Monster X, Baby Godzuki and the world’s best flying turtle, Gamera (who is listed as a “Fictional Character” on Google and Wikipedia; we beg to differ). As noted in our Town Manager’s Newsletter, we have several Drake High School graduates in this year’s Olympics: locals Joe Ryan (named to the USA Baseball roster) and Dylan Woodhead (one of 13 players to make the USA Water Polo Team). Nice work guys! We’ll be showing your games live at Creekside. Come down to Creekside and cheer on our new local heroes as we show the 2021 Olympics, live from Tokyo (and some great Godzilla movies). #Alphaville #gameraisfriendofchildren