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SAVE THE DATE: 08/11/2021 @ 1700 hrs. Special Release on August 11th at 5pm, Henhouse Brewing Company launches their special Fall 2021 release of their legendary BIG CHICKEN IPA. Formerly hatched around the time of SF Beer Week and Russian River’s Pliny the Younger February events, BIG CHICKEN is right up there with this epic next-level IPA. There are all kinds of rules for restaurants and taprooms to get Big Chicken and last year we ran out in about THREE HOURS. This special edition comes at a premium per-barrel cost, just as Younger does, and it’s production is even more limited. Henhouse has mapped out locations for this year’s release, and Creekside is on the top of their Marin list. Big Chicken gets tapped at 5:00 PM on Wednesday, August 11th at Creekside Taproom. Limited quantity. Only on Tap, Limit 2 per person. Growler Fills; Not cheap.

The line forms to the left, Wednesday afternoon. First pour at 5 PM. Here’s the info to us from Henhouse, straight from the Chicken’s beak:

BIG CHICKEN IS ONE WEEK AWAY!!! As we all know, Big Chicken, our yearly celebration of freshness and brewery/retailer coordination was delayed this year. Happily, it is finally about to go down next week! Big Chicken typically happens in early February, however this year that was impossible. At that time we told y’all once we could again gather at bars, staff our trucks with two-person teams, and pack our packaging suite with an all-hands-on-deck team at 12AM, we’d release Big Chicken 2021 into the wild. That time has come and we could not be more Stoked!

In the past, we have packaged, shipped, and served the entire batch of Big Chicken all in one day.  This is a practice we have clearly outgrown. So, this year we will be embarking on our first Big Chicken Week. Which entails…

  • Kegging Big Chicken each morning Tues-Fri
  • Dedicating two delivery trucks per day to doing nothing but deliveries of “zero-day” Big Chicken kegs 
  • Assigning a different “Big Chicken Day” for different geographical areas throughout the week.

The schedule by region:

  • Tuesday, Aug, 10th – All account in Sonoma or Napa counties
  • Wednesday, Aug, 11th – SF and Marin
  • Thursday, Aug 12th – East Bay
  • Friday, Aug 13th – Tri-Valley and South Bay

The rules:

  • Accounts MUST tap all kegs on the day of delivery
  • Kegs cannot be untapped until they are empty 
  • Big Chicken deliveries will not adhere to delivery windows. Accounts will need to accommodate delivery anytime from 10AM-7PM. We will let you know your expected delivery time before the end of this week!