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We regret that one of our recent dining parties at Creekside on Christmas Day contacted us to confirm that one of their family members tested positive for COVID. While we appreciate the “contact tracing” information, we are here to serve our community, protect our publics and our employees. To this mission of serve, quality and transparency, effective immediately we have closed Creekside to allow our entire staff tested and give everyone a few days of buffer-time-off to make sure we are in the clear. Currently, no employee of Creekside has any symptoms. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our staff members have remained¬† proactive in testing and we are at a 100% vaccination of all employees. We hope this is an isolated incident that does not impact our ranks, however, we take no chances either.

This marks the first time Creekside has closed since the fires of 2019 when the power grid was shut down for 4 days, plus the two days it took to get our dough re-made and replenish the food lost due to power failure. We have put an end to that by purchasing our own whisper-quiet commercial generator, capable of running Creekside at 100% operational capacity, plus powering several other businesses and our satellite Wi-Fi.

So, there goes our 365 record. We handled being open 365 in 2018, 2020… but 2019 and 2021 are a loss. 2019 was out of our control, but 2021 is in our control. We don’t take this decision lightly, no with any hesitation. We will await our team results and are planning on full re-open by this Thursday, perhaps even Wednesday afternoon, but we are not rushing. We will be sanitizing the entire building, all cookwares, counters, chairs, everything, down to individual cocktail napkins during our temporary. We don’t apologize for the inconvenience. Your safety through our safety is our #1 priority. Thank you for your understanding.

To our Customers dining in-house from 4pm on Christmas eve (4pm to 8pm), please consider getting tested and take all preventative measures. More information on Covid testing dates, visit:

We look forward to serving you this upcoming weekend. Until then, stay safe, stay diligent, stay healthy.

With appreciation and regrets,

Creekside Pizza & Taproom