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NBC’s go-to subject matter expert, Creekside meteorologist and hydrologist Pat Townsley updates local and national news.


Why does our creek flood, sometimes changing our name from Creekside to Creek-Inside is a longer conversation about the near 50% man-made concrete obstruction currently known as Creekside Commons (aka Bridge #2) which was the former bridge buildings, home to L’appart, Coldwell, Wink and The Ranch…and then back in the 1940’s, it was a gas station…where they put the gas tanks IN the creek and poured concrete around them, and then added concrete abutments the have all now made a chokepoint that is the surefire way to flood our town, destroying businesses and putting our community in harm’s way.

While the “Band Aid” park that is now “Creekside Commons” is a nice temporary fix and enjoyable to many, its continued presence isn’t an “IF this town floods again…” it’s a “WHEN this town floods again,” because it will, and all of the street-level businesses in downtown San Anselmo are in in the war zone. When if floods, businesses will be lost, buildings will be ruined, and our downtown will suffer, again. The new ReImagineCreekPark plan needs to proceed for flooding mitigation, economic certainty, improvement to our community, safety to our citizens and for the quality of life in our town. Let the demolition begin and the revitalization of Creekside Commons, Creek Park and San Anselmo Avenue begin.