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Creekside is Proactive. In light of increasing variant impact (not just Loki), Creekside returns to a full-masked staff. Safety is our priority. We’ve kinda been one-step-ahead of the state and county regulations with the Pandemic, and slow to return to “normal” (like still keeping tables “distanced,” asking that guests mask-up for entry and when traveling in common areas, and keeping capacity under 50%). When the “all clear” was sounded in June 2021, we didn’t jump at the opportunity to open fully indoors, in fact, we had a staff meeting to announce that we would remain overly cautious and under capacity until two weeks after July 4th to see if people could contain themselves and ensure that a new spike in cases wouldn’t happen. Unfortunately, as anticipated, here we are again, masking-up and and being hyper-vigilant. Today and since our opening day in 2017, you’ll find Hand Sanitation Stations mounted throughout Creekside. Tables and seats are sanitized between diners, and if/when things lock-down again, you’ll find Creekside is already set and safe for indoor, outdoor and takeout. With limited indoor dining, reservations are suggested, but walk-ups are welcome depending on table availability. If things come further unglued, we will reinstate contact tracing and individual temperature scans. We are committed to our community with safety, service and quality every day at CreeksideSA. Thank you for encouraging our behavior, and Stay Safe San Anselmo.