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It’s CREEKTOBERFEST, Oktoberfest beer now on tap at Creekside, with $5 pints of Oktoberfest beer just $5.00 each all day long on Saturday, October 16, in conjunction with the long-awaited and beloved Fairfax tradition BIKETOBERFEST; that’s a good time! Tickets on sale at

So, where did this Oktoberfest come from? The true Oktoberfest is an annual festival in Munich, Germany, held over a two-week period and ending on the first Sunday in October. The festival originated on October 12, 1810, in celebration of the marriage of the crown prince of Bavaria, who later became King Louis I, to Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen. Whatever. 

What makes an Oktoberfest Beer, other than trademark? Traditionally speaking, these are dark-colored lagers brewed to about 5.5 – 6% ABV in March, dubbed Märzen, and slowly fermented throughout the summer months to allow rich malt flavors to develop with a balance of clean, hop bitterness, similar to the Vienna lager. Toasted bread or biscuit-like malt aroma and flavor is to be expected. A stronger version was served at early Oktoberfest celebrations and became known as Oktoberfest.

What Is the Difference between Oktoberfests, Märzens, and Festbiers? The answer is a little complicated. In Germany, Oktoberfest means beers that are brewed specifically for the Oktoberfest event in Munich. Historically, the beers served at Oktoberfest can only come from the large breweries inside Munich’s city limits including Augustinerbräu Münche (Augustiner), Hacker-Pschorr, Hofbräu, Löwenbräu, Paulaner, and Spaten-Franziskaner-Bräu (Spaten). But over time the official beer style of Oktoberfest has changed. For instance, during the first 60 or so years the darker Bavarian dunkel dominated. But by 1872 Spaten brewery introduced the more amber hued Märzen, which became the official beer of the fest. Over the decades, brewers continued to innovate, using paler malts. In the early 1970’s Paulaner introduced a golden colored beer called festbier. After that this style slowly gained popularity. Today, festbier is the official style of all beers at Oktoberfest. Although still slightly malty these lighter-bodied festbiers are super drinkable and perfect for the two week long celebration. Click for More Source Info from our friends at

SO… what does this mean to you? Something you can put to practical application right now? Oktoberfest beer returns on tap at Creekside with Sierra Nevada’s… Oktoberfest 2021, a classically brewed rich Märzen lager featuring German malts. This year’s offering is light and approachable, with notes of caramel, graham crackers and fall. come kick off the season with Marin’s number one craft beer destination.

We have more breweries on tap every day than most brewfests! It’s Creektoberfest in San Anselmo. $4 Happy Hour pints every day. Come hoist a pint or two of craft brew with your crew. Every Tuesday, all beers are just $5 from 11am to 4 pm, at which time Happy Hour kicks in for $4 craft beers and $4 wine by the glass. Join us Saturday, October 16th, 2021 for $5 pints of Oktoberfest all day long. Prost.

Oans, zwoa, drei, g’suffa!!!