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Creekside in the News: Foodie and lifestyle magazine EDIBLE recently caught up with us for some insights and additional content for an article about Miyoko’s for their Spring 2023 Edible Marin & Wine Country edition. The story of Creekside and Miyoko was apparently compelling enough to lead off this article: CLICK HERE for ARTICLE. More info and backstory:

Many moons ago, we were looking for a vegan mozzarella product that tasted and “performed” like real moz. There were many options, most of which were “cakey” and just…bland, waxy or simply not great. Then we found Miyoko’s Creamery, founded here in Marin by Miyoko Shinner. Her moz was a refrigerated “crumble” type cheese and it worked well, and tasted great. Since then, Miyoko’s facilities moved to Petaluma (where we recently caught up with her again), and they’ve changed their product to a liquid form… however, the genius Miyoko introduced her new formula in 2022 as ALERGY FREE, brilliantly using watermelon seeds instead of the industry standard of some form of nut…typically cashews.

Last year, Creekside sponsored Miyoko’s Mindful Eating Expo and Film Festival and support her Nicasio-based livestock rescue farm, Rancho Compasión, and we applaud Miyoko and her mission. Despite the recent ownership shift in ownership and mudslinging at the Creamery, today, we feature Miyoko’s Creamery for our vegan mozzarella. Our dough is also vegan at Creekside, and we also have gluten free cracker-thin crust option… so, for a price, one can get a gluten free, allergy free, nut free, dairy free, meat free pizza. Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians Rejoice every day at CreeksideSA!