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In 2016, we used the working name “Flood Zone Pizza” to get things started, seeing that all of the downtown buildings we were looking at were either next-to or over the creek, a creek famous for flooding. Actually, the first building we looked at was the old Bubba’s space, but the previous tenant FUBAR-ed that, so we looked at the old LoCoco’s space…which was also in complete “tear-down” condition, but the better choice for the concept. While we have no rain now, what goes up must come down, ever action has an equal and opposite reaction, so the rains will come again, and because Bridge Building #2 hasn’t been removed (a near 50% water flow constriction point now known as Creekside Commons (formerly L’appart Resto), our Town will flood again and again until that man-made impediment is removed, first flooding Creekside from underneath (Creekside Pizza & Taproom, Flour Craft to Baan Thai are all actually OVER the creek…we are on a bridge like Charlie the Unicorn). To that end, flood gates are detrimental to our businesses, which has seen up to 4 FEET of water INSIDE Creekside (formerly LoCoco’s)… hip-deep as the flood water comes from below versus the street. So, since “Flood Zone” was only a working title (Like “Blue Harvest” of Star Wars), we announced our actual name of Creekside Pizza & Taproom, but we kept Flood Zone as the name of our signature dessert, with warm brownies, three scoops of Silbermann’s ice cream, strawberries, finished with caramel and chocolate sauce. Add the Flood Zone Brownie to you next indoor or outdoor park dining experience. It’s not on our Online Ordering options as it’s ice cream, and it doesn’t travel well. Flood Zone Brownie, available every day at Creekside.