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COORDINATED MOB THEIVES STRIKE SAN ANSELMO: What is that was a real headline? People think “That Can’t Happen Here,” and granted, it’s far and few between, but it CAN HAPPEN HERE. We’ve had hobby stores looted, high end eyeglass stores stripped, and bike store smash-and-grabs in recent memory, and now that real threat returns. Let’s be aware and safe this holiday season.

This time last year, we hosted a “Business-Owner focused” (relevant for residential as well) Zoom interview after several San Anselmo business thefts. In light of the recent brazen looting in Union Square SF, East Bay, Peninsula… I thought it appropriate to share the 30 minute recording with Central Marin Police Authority’s Lt. Duenas and loss prevention expert Anders Noyes, tactical weapons specialist and police office (retired), Sony and LucasFilm head of security (ret), and Skywalker Properties (current).

CLICK HERE for video of HARDENING YOUR TARGET (recorded Sept 2020 on Zoom) > CLICK HERE <