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We’ve seen these posters around town. You hear the owls hooting at night. They are our neighbors and friends, the Owls. If you are infested by rodents, please don’t use poison; the rats and mice are eaten by owls and common house pets (including domestic cats on the prowl)… and the poison is then ingested by our feathered and furry friends, and they die…then some other creature eats that dead housecat or owl, and they die. So, set rat traps by Victor or the “T-Rex” easy-set traps; it’s a faster solution and doesn’t rape and poison our ecosystem. And speaking of raping our planet; let’s stop using herbicides like Round-Up weed killers and Malathion-based organophosphate insecticides. These products kill Everything in their path, then wash into our creek, into the bay and ocean. We’ve got an inch of topsoil left on this planet; let’s not scorch what’s left.

You can be a steward of owls at locally founded Hungry Owl Project. Learn more about owl boxes, non-toxic pest control and even adopt-an-owl at HungryOwls.ORG