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CLICK TO READ ARTICLETownsley Talks Inspiration: Local influencer and freelance writer Nish Nadaraja interviews bay area… People of Interest… about where they come from, what drives them, who influences them, passions, and some crystal ball questions. I was interviewed and had the daunting task of NOT rambling on and keeping content to the Pacific Sun’s maximum word count of about 250 words earlier this year. The interview came out in this week’s Pacific Sun issue. It’s a really nice piece with a photo taken by local photographer Ross Pelton. Thanks Guy! Cheers. PT

Jenn Bowman, Nish Nadaraja, Pat & Laura Townsley

Jenn, Nish, PT & Laura on American Dream TV

NISH NADARAJA and I met when he and his family were looking for a new place to call home and a new place to open a business. Not knowing Nish’s background (retired founder of Yelp), we hit it off on the entrepreneurial level, discussing the “location, location, location” of our Town, the pitfalls and benefits of his proposed new business at the time, trends, opportunities, consumer landscape, lifestyles, and the best places for Pablo and Storm to pal with other dogs. Then Nish had our food, found out about seven-day-a-week our Happy Hour, and we couldn’t get them to leave. So, here, San Anselmo, became the roosting place. Nish and Jane, and mostly Pablo, are now San Anselmo evangelists. 5 Stars. In addition to his growing Instagram followers ( @IveGotNissuses ), Nish writes for the Pacific Sun in his “MariNish” column, and was featured earlier this year on American Dream local edition with host and Bay Area Realtor Jenn Bowman. Nish currently serves on the Town of San Anselmo Arts Commission.

ROSS PELTON and I go back to high school and our later “rock years” where I was the nightclub operator and agent, and Ross was a major rock and roll photographer, taking legendary photos of top rockers, models, doing fashion, editorial work, and traveling the world to shoot album covers and promo pix for top bands. His work was recently picked up by Hard Rock. In addition to KATHLEEN HARRISON Photography (who I’ve also worked with for years), Ross has been Creekside’s photographer for crew and candid media shots, plus continues his photography work for weddings, celebrities, and events.


PAT TOWNSLEY: Yeah, long history here in Marin; yes, former GM of New George’s Nightclub (1989-1996), yes, 80’s DJ across NorCal, yes, creator and owner of Creekside Pizza & Taproom and the new Stonework Pizza (Petaluma) and Yes; the son of Romper Room’s “Miss Nancy,” beloved TV personality of the 1960’s, remembered for Mr. Do Bee, the Magic Mirror (yes, I still have it), and on the other side of her mirror, a fractured life and a wild tale of severe mental illness. My nearly 100 page work-in-progress of short story chaotic vignettes is now being crafted into a screenplay, moving from a feature script into a mini series format by our son, Richard Townsley, up-and-coming award winning writer and editor. From my earliest memories of behind and on camera on Romper Room, to spinning 12″ vinyl, to 12″ pizzas, and now back to the editing room, this Romper Room Drop-out tale isn’t over.

CLICK HERE for a link to the PACIFIC SUN ARTICLE and read the compelling answers to the questions below. The article begins: “Pat Townsley is the owner of Creekside Pizza & Taproom. My wife and I had some pizza and beer there in 2020, and that’s what convinced us to move to San Anselmo, or so the story goes…”



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