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San Anselmo resident and friend of Creekside, Shannon Israel (seen here earlier this summer), lost her husband, James Israel, in a tragic car crash near the Berkeley Marina this month. Friends have set up a GoFundMe account to support Shannon, her family and unexpected expenses. The goal of $50k has almost been reached, but is falling short. Let’s show our community support and get this WAY OVER 50k before Thanksgiving. When crisis occurs, Creekside is here. Won’t you join us? CLICK HERE to LEARN MORE and CLICK HERE to CONTRIBUTE ON GoFundMe.

If you know of local residents in need of help during this holiday season, In 2018, Creekside began our own internal meal support program called “Project Homebound” for families in temporary distress and might need a little lift. Other than contacting Pat Townsley at Creekside, we don’t turn it into a social media community action marketing campaign; the communication and details are strictly confidential. Likewise, when “approved” and appropriate, we can also turn on the Creekside Marketing Machine and rally community involvement to have a larger impact, like here with the James Israel family fund. Creekside On Your Side. Help is on the way. 

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Thank you for your support, and Thank you for encouraging our behavior.