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September 30th, 2023 was a bittersweet night in San Anselmo; a magical evening of live music with upwards of 1000 people in Creek Park, dancing and celebrating in our fine town to the live music of local favorites “Wonder Bread 5” on the closing night of “Live On The Avenue” 2023 summer concert series. In the middle of the second set, during the peak of the high energy party band, we received notice that Kay Coleman had just passed away. For those of us in the leadership of the community who knew Kay, we knew that if she was seeing her town of San Anselmo, so full of life and energy, that night… her mission in this community was complete.

A long time San Anselmo resident, Kay was a member of the San Anselmo Town Council for over 10 years, and a Town Mayor. Her sensible sage wisdom, passion for the town and it’s history, sense of humor and easy going personality brought balance to the force. She loved this town, the people, and she really loved Creekside Pizza & Taproom. Her husband, Carter Coleman, and family members would frequent Creekside, and Carter would often (and proudly) proclaim that he “was sleeping with the mayor.” Cater passed in 2022, After an early retirement from Town Council in 2019, they had moved to Petaluma, where Kay enjoyed our sister-restaurant, Stonework Pizza & Tap, just a few miles from their home.

We will remember Kay for her sparking smile, commitment to our Town, and love of people. She lived, she loved, she left a legacy. We should all aspire to these principals. Thank you Kay.

Pat Townsley & Creekside