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The Storms of 2023 have brought us (cubic) tons of rain, but luckily here in San Anselmo, we have managed to NOT have historic flooding, despite the frequent heavy onslaught the skies have dumped on already saturated ground. Yes, we know we built our restaurant over a creek, a restaurant that sits atop a bridge, a bridge that is 46 feet wide by 15 feet high, next to another bridge (aka BB2) which is 22 feet wide by 11 feet high (creating a 50% choke point for water flow) creating a creek that floods the town. OK. Take all that into account, and we still roll the dice as business owners and opened said-restaurant despite the odds; that’s on us. But, in our 5+ years of operation, we’ve done OK, including this season. We are prepared, we know how to handle it, and we open 365 every day in the face of adversity all the same. Yes, one day Bodie’s 50 Year Storm will get us.

We know it’s “about to get bad” when the (now unmarked) white vans with satellite dishes start buzzing the street. We’ve seen KRON, KTVU, CNN, The Weather Channel, ABC7, NBC3-BayArea, KPIX all waiting for disaster to strike: That’s news, that’s the business, and it’s compelling content. This past week, KCBS Radio, KTVU and KRON4 asked for interviews and insights. As I’ve said before, don’t give a former DJ a microphone an audience, but they keep asking, so we deliver. Click the Image in the upper right to view the recent KRON4 January 2023 flood segment, and thanks for encouraging our behavior.