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Wonder Bread 5

SEASON FINALE: This weekend marks the end of the 2023 Live on the Avenue music series, street party, and a long summer of fun in downtown San Anselmo. This Friday (Sept 29th) is reggae band SOL HORIZON, and the grand finale on Saturday, September 30th: WONDER BREAD 5. Buckle up for this evening’s show as we rock Creek Park so hard that Building Bridge #2 may collapse under the stress of awesomeness, saving us millions and demo time …but that’s another story. So put your dancing shoe on for the last time to say goodbye to summer and Live on the Avenue.

From all of us here on the Avenue; we thank you for your patronage, your support and enjoyment of the past four months of music, movies, madness, kids’ zone, dancing and strolling our fine town. Our gratitude to WINK OPTICS (Frank Gomez & team), ERIC GELMAN (Coldwell Banker SA team), and the mysterious WALKING MIRRORS Music Group for their master sponsorships and contributions. Our good friends at JAY SIEGAN PRESENTS also are sponsoring the event with their support and management of WONDER BREAD 5.

Creekside has been blessed to help sponsor and coordinate, plus provide hospitality, promotion, and marketing of Live On The Avenue. The Baan Thai, Kientz Hall, and Cucina have also been key sponsors over the years. Live on the Avenue is now a Town of San Anselmo production, managed SA Rec Department…taking on the daunting task of production, booking, and multi stage coordination.. the lovely MATTIE O’GRADY. This lady needs a vacation along with the last of us, here, live on the avenue.

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