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05.04.2022: It’s May 4th, known as Star Wars Day because it’s May the Fourth Be With You… need we explain more?  Anyway, this year we’re doing a coloring competition for kids. We’ll be posting all the Star Wars themed pictures in our front window, and we’ll judge the best by age for top three winners. Drawings must be done at Creekside or while dining in Creek Park on Creekside-provided paper. We have crayons, but you might want to bring more colors, markers, pens or whatever to dazzle our judges.

ALSO, while supplies last, we’ll be giving inflatable light sabers to kids 8 and under. We may even throw in an offer to come dressed up as a Star Wars character and if you do, you’ll get a limited edition Death Star dessert.

So… Coloring competition starts Sunday May 1 through May 4th. Winners’ parents will be notified if your child wins. Prizes include $50 gift cards, $25 gift cards, $10 gift cards and one winner of Pizza for a Year (one pizza a month for a year). We will likely have some additional Star Wars swaggy things. I may have to run out to the Ranch to get some cool stuff. We’ll keep you updated, and May the Fourth Be With You at Creekside The Spaceport; you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.