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Come to Creekside between May 1st and May 4th and have the kids color their best Star Wars character or scene. Their “art” will be displayed for the week and the best of the best will be highlighted. Our expert panel of Star Wars artistry will have many categories, so there will be several winners by theme, creativity, age and composition. Creekside will provide the piece of paper which will have some Star Wars character prompts to help spur on some creativity. Prizes Include:

  • Pizza lunch party for 12 kids
  • Pizza for a Year (one pizza a month)
  • $25.00 gift cards
  • Mystery Merchandise: I’m heading out to Skywalker Ranch to pick up some Lucasfilm swag on Tuesday, so we’ll throw in some Skywalker Ranch and Star Wars hats, shirts, mugs, plush Grogus, etc.   

Winning art will be highlighted in our window, and winning children’s parents will be emailed to pick up any prizes. Make sure you put your email address clearly on the back of each kid’s drawing. Oh, yeah, we have some crayons, but kids can bring whatever other stuff they want to spruce up their art and blow the competition away.

Lastly, on May the 4th, come to Creekside the Spaceport in your best Star Wars costumes and get a free Death Star limited edition Creekside cookie (one per guest, any and all ages welcome). We’re also giving inflatable light sabers to all kids on May the Fourth (while supplies last).

OK, it’s ON.. The Creekside 2022 Star Wars Day Coloring Competition. May the Fourth Be With You, and may the best Padawan win. 

Good Luck from Jedi Master Townsley & the Creekside Rebel Alliance