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May The Fourth is nearly a holy day here at Creekside in sunny San Anselmo, California, the birthplace of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, right here on San Anselmo Avenue. True. We have a history that goes back a long, long time ago. Every May 4th, dubbed globally as “MAY THE FOURTH”  as a nod to “May the force be with you” (did I really need to explain that?)… we hold a Star Wars coloring contest for children at Creekside. This year, May the Fourth falls on May the 4th again. Amazing.

Our coloring contest runs from 11AM until 2PM. We have free pizza and drinks for children, coloring supplies, balloons, light sabers, and other fun theme stuff. There are three age categories, and the winner of each category wins a pizza party for EIGHT in our movie-themed gallery private dining room (bet you didn’t know we had that!).  Mark your calendars to being your youngling Padawans down to Creekside on May The 4th from 11AM until 2PM, and May The Fourth Be With You.

For wine enthusiasts…it may be a little late for this now, but.., Skywalker Vineyards is having a May The Fourth sale. Skywalker Vineyards is located on Lucas Valley Road at Summit (formerly known as Big Rock Ranch, home of LucasArts and other divisions), just a few miles from Skywalker Ranch. “Sommita” Chardonnay and Pinot Noir are estate grown at both properties and produced on site at Skywalker Vineyards, in the shadow of the iconic “Big Rock.” The properties are not open to the public, and nestled in the hills with architecture inspired by incorporating the landscapes into the design ala Frank Lloyd Wright. You can check the Skywalker Vineyards website for possible on-site tours/tastings by appointment only. Anyway, CLICK HERE to check out the 2024 MAY THE FOURTH offerings exclusively from Skywalker Vineyards. If the link is dead-ish, then sign up for their mailing list and/or join mailing list. Local wine, globally recognized, best in the galaxy.