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Creekside Loves Movies. We sponsored Movies in the Creek Park, we have at least two pizzas named after movies (The Perfect Storm, Backdraft), we’re in the town where LucasFilm began, we’re friends with 32TEN Studio, we have Indiana Jones and Yoda in our local park, we have the trilogy of varietals from Skywalker Vineyards, and the ONLY catering we ever do is special event Craft Services for films including COLD START. Creekside recently sponsored The Mindful Eating Film Festival & Expo where local filmmaker Alex Flanagan showed his recent film EYES, and this year Creekside Pizza & Taproom is proud to sponsor the 45th annual Mill Valley Film Festival, running October 6-16, 2022.

COLD START is a short film written, directed and edited by Richard Townsley (yeah, the family name sounds familiar) in 2021 while Richard was a 19 year old Drake High School graduate (now Archie Williams High School) here in Marin County. We shot Cold Start in both Northern California and Southern California, an endearing debut film about a young boy coming to terms with the tragic death of his father in a race car accident. Consulting with many of our Bay Area race experts at Infineon/Sears Point Raceway, we ended up renting the Ukiah Speedway, renting a 1965 Shelby Cobra Mustang and filming the crash scene on that track here in Northern California. The bulk of the cast and crew (25 crew members and a cast of 5) shot in San Clemente the previous week where the bulk of the story takes, and a 1970 454 S/S Chevelle is unveiled. Creekside provided Craft Services for both locations, and we have worked with several other locally shot films over the years. Wearing a ridiculous number of hats in his life, Creekside owner Pat Townsley is a former SAG/AFTRA talent agent and has worked in radio, television and film industries in many capacities and locations including Skywalker Ranch.

Sponsoring the Mill Valley Film Festival is our way of connecting with fellow movie enthusiasts, from the fans to the talent to the crews and creators, celebrating the passion, creativity and excitement of storytelling. Creekside congratulates Richard Townsley on his Official Selections in several film festivals here in the western US for Cold Start, including a Win for Best Editor for Short Films. Creekside is honored to work with the California Film Institute at MVFF 45 in showcasing so many documentaries, shorts and feature films from around the world this year.

Check back on this page as we add content now and throughout the Mill Valley Film Festival 2022 parties, screenings and interviews.

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