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Remember “14 days to flatten the curve and eradicate COVID,” and yet here we are entering 2022 with new variants, longer incubation times, new travel restrictions and more cases daily. At Creekside, we reduced our capacity at Christmas to 50%, and then for the first time since the fires of 2019 killed our power and our operations, we shut our doors on Boxing Day after being informed that a December 25th evening guest had COVID. Our entire staff was put on lockdown and requested to be tested, multiple times to ensure both our employee health and the integrity and safety of our services at Creekside. With initial tests behind us (and future-ongoing as part of our commitment to safety) and our proactive forecasting based on data, experience…and watching too many movies, Creekside is taking extreme precaution in the next several weeks of service. If things improve sooner, we’ll let you know… but for now:

Effective Immediately, Creekside will be open daily from 4pm until 8pm with Take-out, Curbside and Walk-up To Go services only. This is a return to online ordering, phone orders and walk-up outdoor ordering, with shorter hours, temporarily…until we see at least what the next few weeks brings. 4pm will still include our Walk-up order Happy Hour ordering for outdoor park seating enjoyment (currently wet and cold, but the price is right).

In extreme times, we hope you understand our decisions and take comfort in the knowledge that Creekside’s “frontline essential workers” are working hard for the community in the continued saga of our lifetime; staying safe, serving safe and providing excellence in the face of adversity.

Thank you for your continued support. With appreciation,

Pat Townsley, Janet Abrahamson and Team Creekside.