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Creekside is Pleased to Introduce the long awaited launch of the AWHS Student Lunch Menu, available only to students of Archie Williams High School: Monday through Friday from 11am until 3pm. Our four new meal options are available to order online only. Of course, we took the liberty of having fun with the meal option names and images. Introductory prices good now through March (we’ll see how it goes after that). Student online ordering at the AWHS student menu at

Meals must be ordered online only which allows students to order ahead and gives our kitchen time to prep everything and have meals waiting for fast grab and go action. No waiting around, no indoor dining option, no walk up orders on these lunch specials. Students must present their Archie Williams High School student IDs.

  • Fast Times: One slice (1/4 whole pizza), plus any soda fountain drink
  • Slam Dunk: One slice (1/4 whole pizza), a small side salad, plus any soda fountain drink
  • Little Theater: Chopped Caesar salad plus any soda fountain drink
  • The Falcon: Twisting corkscrew pasta (choice of marinara or pesto) plus any soda fountain drink

Quality Creekside ingredients, healthy options, online ordering, takeout only, fast turn-around, and back to class.