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The Town of San Anselmo is taking quick action to install all new parklets along San Anselmo Avenue’s “Creek Park Plaza” aka “Creekside Commons” aka “Building Bridge 2” after the County of Marin’s surprise closure of the plaza platform at Creek Park. Estimated construction time of one week for the new parklets. This will give our community a new location for outdoor dining, gathering, a new home for the park benches, and continued forward-motion for a vibrant downtown San Anselmo (as was loud and clear from Wednesday Night’s special Town Hall meeting where hundreds of concerned residents and business owners voiced very loudly on how important it is to have a community gathering spot in the center of our town).


In the meantime, Creek Park and the stage remain OPEN and the park benches have been moved into Creek Park and into the redwood grove behind Creekside, so there is still the same amount of dining it’s just been pushed…off the avenue. Parklets: the upside is our community gets a new look in front of the fence that the county installed, and the downside is that a few merchants will be upset at the loss of three parking spaces (even though it looks like it was five spots, it was really three). The “issue” of parking isn’t really a lack of parking, just a lack of understanding on where public parking lots are located.

Anyway, hats off to Sean Condry, Town of SA public works, to our town council members who embrace and champion our town’s livelihood, and to our residents for voicing and embracing progress and community here in the Heart of Marin. San Anselmo: open for business. Shop local, dine local, play local. For a list of our fine San Anselmo merchants, please VISIT SAN ANSELMO … dot com > CLICK HERE.