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Creekside will be showing the best coverage of the 2022 Olympics available. We are pleased to have a new high def 4k big screen in Creekside, and we took the previous 70″ TV and put it in the park along with our outdoor 50″ TV. We don’t want to have TVs on all the time in the park, as we want everyone to enjoy the outdoors with for the sake of being outdoors, notwithstanding the few rogue tone-deaf hack solo guitar performers that desecrate cover tunes from time to time. We’ll also have the Super Bowl outdoors, but with the days getting longer, it’s hard to see the TVs in daylight, and  they’re kind of dwarfed in contrast to our building. Super Bowl indoors at Creekside will have the volume up, playing in our surround sound speaker system…so it will be Loud during Super Bowl (Sunday the 13th). Closing games for Olympics are on Sunday the 20th. Thanks for playing at Creekside.