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TODAY: Sunday, November 14th at 2 pm, The Town of San Anselmo is hosting a public community awareness event in conjunction the the national campaign known as United Against Hate. This is an all-ages event with live speakers, community advocacy, live music and art. Sponsored by our fellow San Anselmo downtown merchant friends at Wink Optics, The Baan Thai Cuisine and Taco Jane’s (make sure you visit their restaurants and shops and VOTE in the Marin IJ “Best Of” Readers’ Choice Awards: CLICK HERE). The Baan Thai Cuisine’s FACEBOOK POST has all today’s event details including keynote speaker, County of Marin Supervisor Katie Rice CLICK HERE)

You may notice our image here is slightly different from the rest of the promotions around this event which is called “San Anselmo Stands United Against Hate.” At Creekside, we are more of the “Law of Attraction” mindset, so while we applaud the intent and appreciate the need for contrast and context, when messaging and marketing, we need be aware of our Languaging, the Lexicon, the Intention: The Law of Attraction is always at work.

Per our message here…we want to be more positive, proactive, abundant; Where attention goes, energy flows. Let’s stand FOR something. Michael Feldman (with his art show today), He gets it! Michael’s collection is called LOVE. Mother Teresa said she’d never attend an anti-war demonstration, but she’d go to a pro-peace rally; She got it. The universe is listening. Even opposing a “negative” still puts the focus on the noun or verb, not the preposition, HATE is a verb, and a verb is an agreement or action with the subject. AGAINST is also a contrarian word, defensive, adverse or hostile (… and here, two negatives don’t equal a positive. As all the yard signs say, Love Wins, and before I go off the rails on a crazy train rant (perhaps more of a Peace Train rant), we joking say at Creekside “We Have Had It with intolerant people.” Let’s keep our eyes on the prize. Thoughts Become Things; Choose the Good Ones. Today, Something Good Has Begun.

Now I’ve been happy lately
Thinking about the good things to come
And I believe it could be
Something good has begun – Yusef/Cat Stevens
WATCH: Peace Train – Live 1976      WATCH: Peace Train – Live 2006

With Gratitude, we hope to see you today in Creek Park at 2pm. Shop Local, visit and support today’s sponsors and your San Anselmo Business Community, and we invite you and your friends to join us today and every day at 4pm for Happy Hour, because we’re always HAPPY TO SEE YOU here in the Heart of Marin.


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