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Many decades ago on 4th Street in San Rafael, New George’s Nightclub brought many souls together under the ownership of Tom Hutt and Don Swartz, Holding the venue together through contracts, occasional disputes and suits, was our attorney, Perry Litchfield. He rocked as hard as he worked ..and he worked hard. His family legacy goes back to San Rafael pioneer, Whitey Litchfield, owner of the “Litchfield’s” motel there along the freeway. Under that loved and hated iconic sign was a live music venue, THE live music venue in San Rafael in the 50’s and 60’s, and is now a City of San Rafael historical landmark.

Perry too, was a historical landmark at New George’s. He was unorthodox, a powerhouse, a funny guy, and served his clients and community for decades as an attorney, the founder/owner of a well known Marin rehab clinic, and real estate investor. Perry became a regular day-timer here at Creekside, where we would reminisce about the crazy shows, nights, and many cocktails at New George’s from ’88 to ’96.

Perry leaves behind his son Charlie, who is running their family law firm. Services are rumored to be held on June 29th. We will update this page accordingly.

Cheers Perry! Thanks for the laughs.