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Creekside is proud to again help sponsor the annual return of the Downtown Flower Baskets. 24 beautiful hanging baskets come at quite a cost to get the flowers delivered from Oregon and then maintained (with well water) every day. By October, these annual gems hang down several feet in a rainbow of colors, giving life and enjoyment all along the avenue. This program is spearheaded by the volunteer efforts of local resident Nancy Altman, head of the San Anselmo Beautification Committee and a board member of the San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce and is a 100% BY DONATION program that costs over $12,000 per year. The fund is still short on contributions. If you or your business would like to support the flowers, CLICK HERE.

Baskets were installed this week with the help of local volunteers. From the Creekside Instagram page (@CreeksideSA) we have Ed (who waters all the flowers every day), Marc (owner of Kientz Hall), Brian (Town Council) and Laurie (owner of Madge & Me), and Madge there, sniffing at Town Hall. CLICK HERE to visit our Instagram Page and like the image.