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Creekside and the Town of San Anselmo invite you to Live On The Avenue’s first SILENT DISCO dance party this Friday, July 12th from 7:30PM to 8:30PM between Creekside and the Creek Parklet. Hosted by Marin’s own Silent Disco, Operation JoyLab DJ “Thrive Girl” Michelle.

What is Silent Disco? Come on down and put on a headset and select through three channels of different dance music. Headset LEDs indicate to other dancers what channel/program you’re listening to and you can dance together to the same jam or choose your own groove. It’s totally Free and this Friday Night, July 12th, 7:30PM.

From Michelle: I Guide Bodies To Joy…through joy-filled and therapeutic classes, events, silent discos and more. My mission is to help humans Let Go + Allow Glow in body, mind and spirit through #OperationJoyLab and other unique movement based offerings. No dance skills needed! One may experience improved physical health, greater emotional stability, mental well-being, confidence, release of psychosomatic blocks, and resumption of life force flow. Or better.

One more reason to join us at Creekside and Live On The Avenue this Friday Night. Live music in the park at 6PM, Silent Disco outside Creekside at 7:30PM. Dance night away at Creekside SA.