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Well, the Town of San Anselmo Arts Commission is happy and sad to announce that the 2023 Arts Commission Fundraiser “Beatles In The Park” is officially SOLD OUT. Some 800 tickets gone almost as fast as a Taylor Swift concert. Do note that the Creek Park Amphitheatre will be fenced off for ticket holders only. That doesn’t mean you still can’t come downtown and hear the music from the street and enjoy the revelry of everyone Live On The Avenue, but unless you’re ticketed, you cannot get into the festival area. The Avenue gets closed-down to vehicle traffic every Friday and Saturday night at 5:30PM to provide a family-friendly and free public stroll, promoting downtown shopping, dining, and safety. Live music nightly from 6PM at Creek Park Stage and Town Hall Plaza.

AS ALWAYS, the Town of San Anselmo and your local restaurants encourage you to bring you own water bottles and hydro flasks to stay hydrated and support the Town and County’s “zero waste” ordinances…where restaurants are now forced to charge customers 25 cents Plus Tax on every take-out cup you use. The ordinance is to encourage visitors to be eco-aware, reduce waste, and use the stick of a quarter plus tax to get their message across. Restaurants that do not comply can also get the stick of being fined thousands of dollars per each infraction if they don’t enforce the 25 cent per cup ordinance.