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LOCAL HEROES: As a community-focused business, Creekside could not be open every day, serving our community daily from 11am, seven days a week without the commitment, grit, passion and dedication of our staff, both our “Front of House” server and floor team and the ridiculously hard working “Back of House” cooks. Our BOH crew arrives by 9am to begin the daily preparations of our fresh ingredients, from triple hand washing lettuce, pan sautéing Chef Janet’s signature “Mushroom Medley,” to dicing fresh pineapple, peppers and toppings, Then the well-oiled machine that is our 16 cook crew makes chef-built salads, awesome sandwiches, pastas and hundreds of pizzas daily, and finally working two hours past closing to clean, re-sanitize and close-down daily operations. Hats Off to Team Creekside and to all of the cooks and essential workers in all restaurants; you are the backbone of our industry and heroes of our community!