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In The Storm of 2023, a tree estimated at 30 TONS landed on the San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School in San Anselmo. The result was devastating to the school and operations of this 75 year old CoOp serving generations of students. Luckily, the school was closed for the holidays at the time. KTVU’s Tom Vacar reports the story live on Channel 2, and you can view that report playback by clicking the image in the upper right hand corner on this page.

Creekside responded quickly by offering support with a Dine & Donate “GVIEBACK NIGHT” which will happen THIS WEDNESAY, January 11th. In light of the funds needed to support this school in renting new space and operations, we feel trying to fit everyone into Creekside on a rainy Wednesday night won’t give the best bang for your/their buck…so now were are doing an ALL DAY FUNDRAISER at Creekside This Wednesday (January 11, 2023). This goes for ALL Takeout,  Orders and DINE IN service ALL DAY LONG from 11:00 AM to 9:00PM. We encourage you to come down and dine for lunch, dinner, order pizzas to go and order food to fill your fridge. A portion of ALL SALES ALL DAY will go to the CoOp school. IF you don’t want to buy food or dine, then the CoOp is asking that you drop by with a tax deductible donation to the school (details below), or drop off a little cash in the school donation box at our front door on Wednesday…or you can donate right now, safely online through the GO FUND ME link: > CLICK HERE TO DONATE NOW

Mail Your Generous Donations to:
San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School
24 Myrtle Lane, San Anselmo CA 94960
Memo: Charitable Contribution Tax ID 94-6103972
You can also write a check to the San Anselmo Cooperative Nursery School and drop it off at Creekside. We are collecting checks on their behalf.
GoFundMe Online Donation: Click Here
KTVU News Report: Click Here