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SPECIAL EVENT: WORLD CUP on Friday, November 25th: USA vs England live at Creekside Stadium! We are selling 50 and ONLY 50 tickets, on sale now, right now, through end of day Wednesday or until gone. THIS WILL SELL OUT. We are transforming our seating into theater-style configuration, removing all tables and booths. Here’s the deal:

Physical tickets are available NOW at Creekside, on sale from 11 AM to 9PM this Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday or until sold out… and this will sell out. Tickets are $49 PER PERSON and include:

  • Your General Admission seating beginning at 9:30 AM this Friday
  • Tax and Gratuity are included
  • Complimentary Creekside Pint Glass
  • 2 Drinks (beer or wine). Sodas are Free.
  • Complimentary coffee from 9:30AM
  • 10 AM to 1 PM: All access Creekside buffet including salad, breakfast pizzas and an assortment of other snacks. You will not go hungry.
  • Live showing of USA vs England starts at 11AM on our 70″ 4k TV, with Jumbo-Creek-A-tron Surround Sound.
  • 50 and ONLY 50 tickets will be sold. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Don’t come bitching to me and texting and pounding on the glass. We will literally have uniformed security at the door to ensure peace and order outside. Inside, you can go nuts. It’s going to be LOUD.
  • Creekside re-opens at 3 PM after room reset for regular lunch and nighttime dining.

Tickets can only be purchased IN PERSON at Creekside, and your ticket must accompany you for admission, buffet and drinks. Don’t call and try to reserve, and they are not available on the internet. FOUR TICKETS MAX purchase per person.

Good luck… and may the best team win.