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Vegan PepperoniGreetings Foodies! Creekside now offers a spectacular plant-based pepperoni. This vegan gem performs at par with our meat pepperoni, and our meat lovers go crazy for our petite mildly spicy pepperoni. As we celebrate Earth Day, we are sponsoring several local events including presenting live at the Earth Day Marin festival on Sunday in Mill Valley. As sustainability, recycling, lifestyle and dietary choices, and racing to zero carbon initiatives take the forefront, Creekside finds ourselves in a proactive movement, including offering meat substitutes for our guests.

Creekside’s crust is vegan, and we also have a gluten free vegan crust, and we have Miyoko’s 100% non dairy, allergy free vegan mozzarella, a host of great vegetarian toppings, and now, our first plant-based alternative that is really solid. Give it a try. Add it to your favorite veggie pizza, or try it on our Sleeping Lady Margherita pizza as a nice add on (a little balsamic glaze on this one is great too).

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