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Here we are in November: TIME TO VOTE… for Creekside! Here’s a candidate that gets the job done, serves your community, doesn’t lie, doesn’t misappropriate funds, doesn’t put a fence around your joy. It’s the all new Marin Independent Journal’s Readers’ Choice Awards, happening now through November 30th, 2022. Please take the quick five minutes on this easy poll to vote for your favorite Marin County businesses and services, your favorite San Anselmo Merchants, and load the ballot box for Creekside PIzza & Taproom. Our TOP THREE wishes are for BEST PIZZA, BEST TAP ROOM and BEST HAPPY HOUR. We also appreciate your consideration for votes in these categories:

  1. Best Pizza (Food & Wine)
  2. Best Tap Room in Marin (Bites & Brews)
  3. Best Happy Hour (Bites & Brews)
  • Best Dining in San Anselmo or Ross (Best Dining In)
  • Best Meal (Bites & Brews)
  • Best All American Menu (Food & Wine)
  • Best Sandwich (Food & Wine)
  • Comfort Food (Food & Wine)
  • Most Community Minded Local Business (General Services)
  • You can also vote for your favorite server with your “Write In” vote at the end of the poll with something like “Best Server in Marin County” (Server’s name) at Creekside Pizza & Taproom. Your Team Creekside Front of House staff are: Natasha Feldman, Tina Hunerberg, Ryan George, Alejandro Ramirez, Jenn Guastucci, Stephanie Pach, Cassie Howard, Ellie Townsley, Nate Crawford, Karin Donlan, Laura Townsley and Jackson Palmer. These are your Team Creekside Servers for Write in Vote, and Jackson also got a Best Bartender award last year. You could even add a write in for “Best Kitchen Staff” at Creekside Pizza & Taproom. So many choices.

This year’s voting Readers’ Choice poll is pretty streamline. You have to make a total of TEN (10) entries in order to submit, so you can either rip thru this thing by scrolling, or go row by row. There’s no short-hack this year. One vote per computer/device (ISP block after submitting).

Thank you for supporting your favorite local businesses. Most of us are locally owned, family owned, invested in the community and in this for the long-game, here to serve with passion and provide quality leadership to allow our employees to thrive with purpose; That’s the Heart of Marin. CLICK HERE TO VOTE NOW. Thank you for your time, your votes, sharing this poll with friends and family, and thank you for encouraging our behavior.CLICK TO VOTE