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Join the Celebration this Saturday September 9th at 5:30 in San Anselmo starting at Creekside with the Rebel Alliance and other favorite live-action costumed members of the 501st Legion Golden Gate Garrison as they march from Creekside to Imagination Park (actual characters march time TBD; could be a little earlier or later depending on announcements in Imagination Park.. so come down as the Avenue is closed to vehicles for “Live on the Avenue” evening celebrations, music, and community fun).

Photo by Justin Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle March 2020.

George Lucas unveils bronze statues in San Anslemo’s new public destination: Imagination Park. Photo by Justin Sullivan, San Francisco Chronicle March 2020.

It is hard to believe it’s been 10 years since George Lucas unveiled Indy and Yoda and gave Imagination Park to our community. I’m pretty sure that these were Connie Rodgers’ bedsheets and fishing line from ILM’s earliest model x-wing fighter zip-lines. Connie was the driving force (pun intended) behind the concept project. Without her and George’s passion for our town, this centerpiece gem would not be here in downtown San Anselmo, where even further back, George created both Indy and Star Wars in his small “Sprockets” office here on San Anselmo Avenue. It was a magical day 10 years ago. Bronze sculptor Lawrence Nobel was on hand. Harrison was around somewhere, and the crowd swelled into the streets as the statues were revealed.

Yoda’s twin “life-size” statues were also commissioned by Lucas to Nobel for the Big Rock Ranch property courtyard (now called Summit, home to Skywalker Vineyards on Lucas Valley Road, and a third Yoda in the middle of a courtyard atop a fountain at LucasFilm ILM LucasGames now Disney property on the Letterman Digital Arts campus in San Francisco. Our continued gratitide to Mr. Lucas, the Lucas Foundation, the San Anselmo Community Foundation, Connie Rodgers, the San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce, and the Town of San Anselmo. Great project, leaving a legacy, and inspiring imagination of young and old. This is the way. Wear YOUR favorite Star Wars & Indiana Jones themed wardrobe! Characters Welcome!

TONIGHT: Kids’ Star Wars scavenger hunt will begin in Imagination Park at the San Anselmo Recreation table. Kids will have to find and match up Star Wars characters with their character map. Participating local merchants will have their coinciding character posted in their windows. You can count on Wink Optics, Longway, Cucina, Kientz Hall, The Baan Thai Cuisine, and Creekside to be among destinations for your padawans. Thank You to the hard working team at the San Anselmo Recreation Department for keeping San Anslemo MAGICAL!

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2013 Imagination Park dedication ceremony, San Anselmo, California. George Lucas & Connie Rodgers.

2013 Imagination Park dedication ceremony, San Anselmo, California. George Lucas & Connie Rodgers.

The Force is with you, Always. – George Lucas