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If you’re not already annoyed with the upcoming election ballot, here comes the Pacific Sun with their annual Best Of Marin 2022 voting. It ends on May 11th, so time is short to vote for your favorite San Anselmo and Marin County businesses. This year, it’s not quite as daunting as previous years, so it’s a little faster; you can simply jump to your primary category. In this example, let’s say: Best Pizza. Once you type in “Creekside Pizza & Taproom”… you have to cast a total of 20 votes for businesses and services. So, if you’re game, we’re “write-ins” in two sections: “Food & Drink” and “Beer, Wine & Spirits.” You can go to the main voting page by CLICKING HERE or use the links below to jump directly to the individual category input box: CLICK HERE

Let’s make it easy. Here are your options for Creekside:

  1. Best Pizza > CLICK HERE to Vote
  2. Best Craft Beer Selection In-House > CLICK HERE to Vote
  3. Best Happy Hour > CLICK HERE to Vote
  4. Best Restaurant > CLICK HERE to Vote
  5. Best Server (list below) > CLICK HERE to Vote

Your Team Creekside Servers (enter one name plus ” – Creekside Pizza & Taproom”)

  • Jackson Palmer
  • Laura Townsley
  • Cassie Howard
  • Stephanie Pach
  • Nate Crawford
  • Bonnie Collins
  • Ellie Townsley
  • Karin Donlan
  • Alejandro Ramirez

We know this poll can be freaking exhausting (historically)… they have soooo many categories… so cast your votes for Creekside and see what else catches your eye to get in your 20 minimum categories and vote for your favorite restaurants, services, and merchants; they’ll appreciate the support. Begin HERE

Thanks from everyone at Creekside. We’ll owe you one if we win this year in the Pacific Sun 2022 Best of Marin


  • Vote for Creekside Pizza & Taproom
  • Highlight and Copy “Creekside Pizza & Taproom” for easy Pasting into your other selections
  • Complete at least 20 votes of the ballot for inclusion in the poll
  • When voting you can either begin on the start tab at the top which will take you in alpha order through all of the various categories
  • You can skip any line items that you want and move to the next as long as you vote for a minimum of 20 items in total
  • Once you have voted for 20 things, you can bounce, or keep filling in your votes for more places and stuff
  • Include your name and a valid email address
  • Ballots are confidential, but you may be called to confirm your vote
  • Only 20 ballots per IP address
  • Deadline for online ballots is May 11, 2022
  • When you initially put in your first vote for Creekside in the Best Pizza category, you’ll be prompted to enter your email name… it’s easy, but then you have to check your email, which it went right into my JUNK file, so if you don’t get it in your Inbox, Social or Promotions…check your Junk. After that, it’s pretty fast. You have to keep count of your votes: it won’t tell you when you hit 20. If you don’t hit 20, your votes won’t count. Go Gett’em Tiger! 

Thank you for encouraging our behavior – Pat Townsley