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Mark your calendars for MAY 31st at Creekside for a Give-Back Night and special event fundraiser for PLAY MARIN, a Marin-based organization that provides resources and education through sports for underprivileged children in Marin, and there are a lot of them. Creekside has been blessed to work with Play Marin founder Paul Austin on previous programs to support Play Marin, and now we are partnering with them once again to help fund the $100,000 goal for Play Marin’s Summer Camp 2022 program. That, is a big nut, and it takes a village. CLICK HERE to learn about Paul Austin and Play Marin, a feature article in MARIN MAGAZINE

In addition to dining at Creekside on May 31st (where we are giving 20% of the food and beverage sales to Play Marin), there will be a 50/50 drawing, a raffle and auction happening at the same time. There will be live music, live auction and information kiosk on how you can move-the-needle and become an ongoing partner with Play Marin. Companies and Trusts can donate directly to Play Marin with a charitable endowment, local businesses can participate in the fundraiser with contributions to the Raffle and Auction (gift cards, items etc) or donate to the fund directly, and everyone can participate by dining at Creekside (dine in, dine in the park or take home).

Supporting Play Marin is one of Creekside’s top community-focused program awareness campaigns. The immeasurable benefit to the children in or county is helping to inspire, teach, and send a positive message to for the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow. Pay It Forward and support Play Marin. Mark Your Calendars for May 31st Give Back Night, Live Music and Live Fund-A-Need Auction with Pat Townsley & Paul Austin at Creekside Pizza & Taproom; dedicated to our community.

CLICK HERE to visit PLAY MARIN website