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In addition to having 24/7 satellite backup, Creekside is ready for the upcoming “Atmospheric River” scheduled to hit Northern California on Tuesday, bringing a full week of forecasted rain to the bay area and deepening the snowpack in the sierras. That being said, weather predictions are usually more media hype than reality. If I could make six-figures to be wrong 60% of the time, I’d be a meteorologist. Anyway, Creekside, like a good Eagle Scout, is prepared with our 70KVA generator, able to run 100% of Creekside (including all refrigeration, lights, data, wifi, and our zero-emission massive 240v 60A 3P electric ovens) for up to four consecutive days. When we’re on the grid (99.9% of the time), we’re using MCE 100% clean renewable energy.

Creekside: We’re ready for the storm hits the fan; fully operational in adverse weather, disaster relief, and serve our community in emergency capacity.