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HEARD ON THE STREET: Plans are deep in the works for the Return of LIVE ON THE AVENUE, slated to begin on June 9th, 2023. Live music, pedestrian Avenue stroll, shopping, dining, and family activities every Friday and Saturday night from 6PM to 9PM. San Anselmo Ave will close down to vehicle traffic at 5:30PM and reopen at 10PM both nights, every weekend through the program (ending late Sept or early October).

You ask, who are the bands? That’s in the work, being booked by the Amazing talented Mattie O’Grady at the Town o SA Rec Department. This is NOT an easy job, further complicated with depending on the outcome of the County of Marin’s GO/NO-GO on the demo of Building Bridge #2 (CLICK HERE for details on that). Regardless, The Show Must Go On, and it will. Creekside plans to assist wherever possible along with other local businesses in order to help this program best-serve our community. It’s the envy of all the other cities and towns in Marin: Live On The Avenue. Look for updates here at, in Town of San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce news, and Dave Donery’s Town Manager weekly newsletter from Town Hall. will be updated next month, and we’ll be making an all new version of to help “way-find” food and services in San Anselmo, specifically designed to help you and visitors get faster access to dining during Live On The Avenue. It’s going to be an magical summer in the Heart of Marin, Live On The Avenue. CLICK HERE to Subscribe to the Creekside Mailing List for announcements on events, local news and community update.

Thank You in advance to our fellow merchants who will be funding and sponsoring Live On The Avenue, and mad-props to The Town of San Anselmo and San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce for their efforts to make our town the most-bestest place ever. More details will be presented at the end of this Tuesday’s Town Council Meeting for program details and approval. CLICK HERE for details and agenda.