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Miyoko Cooks at Creekside Pizza & TaproomCREEKSIDE WELCOMES a Revolutionary New Product from our friends at Miyoko’s Creamery with their ground-breaking cheese alternative, which will quickly become the industry standard in dairy-free Mozzarella cheese. Get This: 100% dairy/lactose free, 100% vegan, and now.. 100% NUT FREE…That’s ZERO ALLERGENS!. This is an industry game-changer, a true global “disrupter” to all other vegan cheese products. Previously, vegan/lactose-free cheese options, particularly Mozzarella in our industry, have used some form of nuts to get their “milk” and then starches and oils (many times from nut) to thicken, simulate consistency and then add anti-caking agents so the product doesn’t clump, often resulting in the cheese sticking to your teeth in a gummy, pasty experience. Today, after years of R&D, our friend Miyoko Schinner and her team at Miyoko’s Creamery have found and perfected a plant milk-based solution. This new 100% Lactose and Allergen-free Mozzarella cheese will be available at Creekside beginning this Friday, just in time for the Mindful Eating Film Festival & Expo this weekend. Side Note: Marin Independent Journal’s Leanne Battelle recently reported on Rancho Compasión and the Film Festival: FULL ARTICLE > CLICK HERE.

Earlier this summer, we met with Miyoko to discuss the product and it’s genius development, target launch, and then did some side-by-side pizza tests in our Creekside ovens with product expert and evangelist Jeff Strah from Miyoko’s NorCal team. We run our ovens at 650 degrees (100% electric, 3-Phase, 60amp in keeping with our net-zero carbon emission mission), so it’s important to see how products consistently cook at this temperature. We tested several variations on our regular Creekside pizza dough (which is vegan by the way) and our cracker-thin Gluten Free crust (which is also vegan and 100% nut free). We were pleased to be included as one of the product’s pre-launch tests, and we are smitten with the results. For guests with NUT ALLERGIES, LACTOSE INTOLLERANCE and/or want GLUTEN FREE alternatives, Creekside is that dietary destination! 

“It’s hard to comprehend but after a year of testing and cuttings, with all types of ovens, times, and temperatures, we are confident as to how this revolutionary and innovative PLANT MILK liquid Mozzarella performs. Unlike all the other Vegan mozzarella shreds available, Miyoko’s Creamery Liquid Mozzarella bakes, melts, and browns like dairy mozzarella. It has a very creamy texture, and it doesn’t stick to your teeth like all the other brands!” – Miyoko’s Creamery

Did you know Miyoko Schinner founded Miyoko’s Creamery in Fairfax? She is also the founder of Rancho Compasión in Nicasio (you pass it on the right as you head from San Geronimo to Lucas Valley Road or Nicasio). This weekend’s Mindful Eating Film Festival and Expo is another one of Miyoko’s missions for brining awareness to animal treatment and discovering plant-based alternatives for more sustainable food production and minimizing greenhouse gasses. The world is changing; Miyoko is leading innovation, Creekside is serving it up!

What makes Miyoko’s different?

  • We use plant milk, cultures and/or fermentation (others use oils, gums, and starches)
  • 100% VEGAN, 100% LACTOSE FREE and 100% ALLERGEN FREE
  • Made in the USA (Petaluma, California), Founded in Fairfax
  • Product contains both protein and probiotics
  • Packaging is small batch (for freshness), limits cross-contamination, and is resealable
  • No Anti-caking agents (like all shreds), so it does not stick to your teeth
  • It bakes, melts, and browns like dairy mozzarella and has a very creamy texture.

Meet Miyoko this weekend at the Mindful Eating Film Festival & Expo, and come to Creekside as we present the all new 100% Nut free and 100% Vegan Mozzarella cheese. Our “Victory Garden” pizza comes both Gluten Free and Vegan…and now 100% Allergen free. Starting this Friday, you can have any Creekside pizza featuring Miyoko’s Creamery, 100% allergen free cheese plus a gluten free crust. Creekside: Bursting with flavor, without compromise.

ATTENTION PLANET EARTH: Vegetarians, Vegans, Flexitarians, Allergy-sensitivians and All Humankind: REJOICE! Every day at Creekside SA.

Let’s Eat! Cheers.