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The 3rd annual Mindful Eating Film Festival and Expo will take place at the Marin County Fairgrounds on August 6th and 7th, 2022. This event, produced by and benefitting Rancho Compasión, Marin County’s only non-profit farmed animal sanctuary, will feature an opening night gala and viewing of the film Eating Our Way to Extinction in the Marin Memorial Auditorium. Being passionate music, film, drink and food geeks, the Mindful Eating Film Festival is a great combination platform. We are advocates for our community, our sustainability and our future.

The restaurant industry is a tough one. Providing fresh, quality food, cleaned, prepared and presented well are what we do at Creekside; From Kitchen to Plate, but sourcing the food and supplies is just as important to us. Taking it one step back from Farm is how the farmed products are grown, raised and treated. Movies like Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me showed us how Americans are consuming a lot of crap. An Inconvenient Truth (Al Gore) and How To Avoid A Climate Disaster (Bill Gates) brought to light how agriculture and farming are impacting our climate (the negative effects of methane, nitrogen, CO2 and deforestation for Ag. Mindful Eating will highlight not only health, sustainable alternatives, but bring to light some of the best practices in the ethical treatment of animals, plus the shift to more plant-based alternatives.

Miyoko Schinner of Miyoko’s Creamery and a Founder of Rancho Compasión will be one of keynote speakers. Eating Our Way To Extinction (narrated by Kate Winslet) will be one for the many films featured at this year’s MINDFUL EATING FILM FEST + EXPO. Tickets on Sale > CLICK HERE <