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Wishing everyone a wonderful 2022. With 2021 behind us, we can’t say it was anything we expected, but we have been blessed to keep our customers relatively happy, poured some amazing craft beers, made about a million pizzas, stayed safe, got some media coverage, won some awards (thank you) and served our community to the highest level possible. To our friends, family, employees, our fans, our followers and customers, we thank you for supporting us here at Creekside and keeping us alive and well in the great town of San Anselmo, The Heart of Marin. Now it’s time to blow your New Year’s diet plan and get a pizza from Creekside… or you can get a gluten free all vegan pizza and start something new.

Looking Back at 2021…we’ve been pleased to support many local charities, non-profits, schools, first responders, Eagle Scout projects, community programs, the arts and families in need. We are on a mission… several really; to support the community were we live and work, to support education and arts, and to minimize our carbon footprint by being forerunners in conservation, recycling, emissions and “getting to zero.” We also paid some of our bills this year, and as the year comes to a close, we have temporarily scaled-back our services and hours to minimize the spread of a wild virus (there’s a pandemic for those of you who turned off the news a few years ago). So, we kinda go out with a whimper (but in good conscious), and have high hopes for the new year! What could possibly go wrong? Whatever it is, we’re ready. Keep it tuned to Creekside, and thank you for encouraging our behavior.

Oh, and of course, nothing, and we mean absolutely Nothing would get done without our Team Creekside employees. As we enter our fifth year of operation, they are the face and the backbone of Creekside. Give them a friendly wave when you stop in for your next order, and our heartfelt appreciation for their commitment to safety, our vision, the flavors and the service that make up the award-winning Creekside Experience.

Oh, and of course, Creekside is forever grateful to our vendors… our beer, wine and food partners, keeping us hip-deep in hops, water and the finest ingredients. Logistics have been a nightmare, and our reps are there bustin-ass to keep us stocked, fresh and on time. We have some of the finest people in the world, working behind the scenes to make us look good. If we made a list of everyone, we’d miss someone and they’d cut us off, so, suffice to say, to all of our vendors, reps, brewers and drivers: CHEERS TO YOU!

From our homes and hearts, to you and yours, Happy New Year!

Pat Townsley, Janet Abrahamson, Jackson Palmer & everyone at Creekside Pizza & Taproom

Creekside: Open New Years Eve and New Years Day, and then next day, and the next day… with temporary hours starting at 4pm instead of 11am, with takeout, curbside and walk-up To Go orders. Order online with the ORDER button there in the upper corner of your browser or CLICK HERE. Resuming to 11am and indoor dining mid January. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE