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Hey Everybody! Take a Break from the kitchen and meet friends and family at Creekside this Thanksgiving Day for sports, pints, relaxing and community gathering (or escape friends and family at Creekside; whatever works). Creekside is downtown San Anselmo’s Go-To spot for cutting-loose or kicking back. We will be closing at 5pm on Thanksgiving and Christmas eve, but that’s so YOU can enjoy Happy Hour AT 4pm . Every Day including Thanksgiving Day at CreeksideSA

And, since this is a blog, we can expand on our narrative: People ask us, “What days are you open?” to which the response is Every Day, 365, 7-days a week. “Well, not Thanksgiving?!” or “Well, not on Christmas?!” … as if those aren’t days in the 365 days a year, or the 7-days in a week (it’s actually 365.25 days a year; the earth’s annual elliptical spin around the sun isn’t a perfect 365 days…it’s actually a quarter day longer every year, hence, the brilliant use of Leap Year in February every four years to compensate). Anyway, Yes, we made the very conscious and deliberate move to be open to serve our community every day; it’s easily brandable, repetitive, redundant, repetitive, and hopefully…memorable. When is Creekside open? Every Day. What Time? 11am, every day. Christmas? Yes, Christmas Eve? Yes, Thanksgiving? Yes. That being said, this year is the first year that we are closing Early on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve so that our staff can enjoy time with their families. We will stay open until 5pm both nights so that our daily Happy Hour can be enjoyed at 4pm. Yep. Happy Hour, every day, 365 days a year, 7-days a week. “Even on weekends?” Yes, “Even on Holidays?” Yes. “Even…..” YES! You get it. We’re here every day at CreeksideSA